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The CRM market has been shaked in the past years by the implementation issues with big boys like Siebel or SAP CRM or by the rocket growth of the SaaS CRM solution Salesforce.com. The open source CRM software world is now fully part of the game with the gorilla SugarCRM, its cousin vTiger or the rising OpenCRX. Targeted today for SMB CRM needs, these players are clearing heading to the Fortune 2000 market for CRM software.



Customer Touch CRM, is a CRM application for small/medium firms. The application is easy to use and install.

Ohioedge CRM Server is an online CRM application designed for $2-500M organizations requiring centralized, multi-functional, enterprise-wide coordination of sales generation (contact management) & fulfillment (business process/workflow management) activities.

SellWin is built upon a multi-tier component architecture using the latest Java technology. Since SellWin is open source, you can custom tailor every aspect of the application to suit your unique sales process.

SellWin comes completely functional with contact management, activity scheduling, data synchronization, administration dialogs, quote generation, quote-to-order conversion, and many other features.

SellWin includes two user interfaces currently: a J2ME Wireless User interface that enables users to retrieve data via their phone or other J2ME capable device and a full-featured Swing client.

XRMS is open-source Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) software.

XRMS is a web-based application for managing business entities such as employees, customers, contacts, activities with those contacts, etc.

CRM-CTT is a tool for tracking “entities”. CRM CTT creates management summaries, PDF status reports and lots more. CRM CTT is suitable for any department in which something comes in, must be handled, and goes out.

BlueWhaleCRM is highly customizable open source CRM solution. It is delivered complete with all of the standard features expected from a commercial CRM package. From the front-end interface to security and reporting, users have the ability to quickly and easily configure the application without relying on the expertise of IT professionals.

Anteil offers open source CRM software solutions designed to help you better identify, attract, retain, service and support customers–ultimately increasing your competitive position and profitability. Employing full Web architecture, this open-source solution is available at no cost and is a fast and easy way for your company to implement a basic CRM application. At the same time, it gives programmers a head start in developing a more customized solution.

CK-ERP is an open source ERP system. It comprises 19 modules: Admin, Contact Management,CRM, Customer Self Service,VRM, Ledger,Bank Reconciliation,Inventory,Service, AP,AR,PO,SO,Quotation, Point of Sales (Cashier),Point of Sales (Mgr), HR,Staff Self Service and Payroll.

Centric CRM provides mature, low-cost CRM functionality, competitive with offerings from Salesforce.com, Microsoft and others. Centric CRM distinguishes itself with native features that expand the definition of what CRM systems should provide, all integrated at a fundamental level throughout the product. All editions of Centric CRM share identical functionality and are governed by a single license (CPL). Full-product source code is freely available and derived works belong to their developers.

SplendidCRM was built on the Microsoft technology stack (Windows, IIS, SQL Server, C#, and ASP.NET). The target audiences are companies that need a simple and powerful CRM, but want to take advantage of their existing Windows infrastructure.

SplendidCRM was written in C# using the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. This gives many more CRM users an open source alternative, without having to bring in an entirely new and unfamiliar computing environment. The current release version supports SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, IBM DB2 Express-C and MySQL 5.

SplendidCRM Open-Source 1.2 is free. SplendidCRM Professional 1.2 includes the SQL source code that is typically necessary to integrate SplendidCRM into your back-office systems.

ADempiere is an industry strength solution that combines ERP, CRM and SCM support for business processes. As opposed to the so called “World Class” ERP solutions, ADempiere (originally based on Compiere®) was designed for the globalized world. While the current incumbent World Class ERP’s had to build layers on top of the core product in order to provide support for multiple languages, currencies, companies, etc., ADempiere had them embedded from the original design.

PostBooks is a full-featured, fully-integrated open source accounting, ERP, and CRM software, based on the award winning OpenMFG ERP Suite.

Built with the open source PostgreSQL database, and the open source Qt framework for C++, it provides the ultimate in power and flexibility for a range of businesses and industries. It includes the following modules:

* Accounting (general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, financial reporting)
* Sales (quotes, order entry, sales reporting, shipping)

opentaps Open Source CRM Module

The opentaps CRM module is an add-on module which offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) capabilities for your opentaps/OFBiz application. It helps your sales team and customer service representatives track sales leads, contacts, and accounts; manage sales opportunities, cases, activities, and events; and create sales forecasts. It is fully compatible with OFBiz and will work seamlessly with the rest of your OFBiz applications. To help fund the ongoing development of this application, it is released under a dual open source and commercial license for both open source and commercial use.

opentaps Open Source ERP brings you the advanced features and scalability required for enterprise software with the flexibility and low cost of ownership that only open source can deliver.

openCRX is an open CRM solution that meets the needs of organizations requiring multifunctional, enterprise-wide coordination of sales generation, sales fulfillment, marketing and service activities to customers, partners, suppliers or intermediaries.

Zurmo is an Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is mobile, social, and gamified.


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