Open Source ETL

Leading Open Source ETL software

Talend Open Studio
Provided as a packaged, out-of-the-box, ready-to-install platform, Talend Open Studio is one of the most promising open source ETL tool.

Pentaho Kettle
Pentaho Kettle is a set of open source ETL tools that will all you to manipulate data from various databases. It gives a graphical user environment to describe what you want to do not and how you want to do it.

Other Open Source ETL software

CloverETL is an open source,Java based, ETL framework which can be used to transform structured data. It can be used standalone as an application run from command line or can be embedded into an application.

Apatar is an open source data integration and ETL tool written in Java, with powerful Extract, Transform and Load capabilities, that enables anyone to join their on-premise data sources with the Web without coding.

Enhydra Octopus
Enhydra Octopus is an advanced relational Extraction/Transformation/Loading tool. It can connect to JDBC data sources and perform transformations defined in XML definitions. JDBC drivers for CSV and XML are included. Octopus supports Ant and JUnit.