A set of GUI front-end for CVS written in C++ CvsGui features: * Sophisticated graphical user interface helps to utilize full power of CVS for experts and quickly learn basics for beginers. * Native look-and-feel on Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux thanks to the use of popular GUI frameworks like MFC, Metrowerks PowerPlant and gtk+. * Scripting support allows to easily automate, extend and customize common tasks. * Realtime sandbox view with visual indication of the local state of files. * Various filters to monitor any folder or all it’s subfolders in a flat view. * Command line support makes any CVS commands or command options not directly handled by GUI possible. * Repository tags, modules and files browser allows to easily enter command parameters. * Changes in the files can be verified using diff command or external diff application. * File revisions history can be displayed as a graph. * Supports text, binary and Unicode file types. * The type of the files is automatically detected upon import and add command. * Reserved edits help to organize team work. * Close cooperation with CVSNT project resulting in very dynamic and effective development of new features. * Full source code provided.