elemenope™ is a JMS compliant messaging framework written in Java. It allows one to easily create a large scale multi-platform application to conduct messaging or transaction processing. It abstracts away all of the connectivity issues when dealing with or designing such a project. * elemenope uses Java Message Service [JMS] for messaging. * elemenope currently utilizes both JNDI connectors and IBM MQSeries [WebSphereMQ] connectors, allowing the use of any JMS compliant Messaging Oriented Middleware [MOM]. * elemenope has built-in mainframe connectivity classes for use when connecting to a mainframe running IBM MQSeries with the IMS Adapter or IMS Bridge. As of Release 2.0, elemenope™ now allows the use of JNDI connectors to utilize any JMS compliant Message Oriented Middleware [MOM]. This includes SonicMQ, JBossMQ, JORAM, OpenJMS, etc. elemenope™ has been in development since 1999. It and some of its precursors are currently in production use within several companies large and small.