NewPKI is a PKI based on the OpenSSL low-level API, all the datas are handled through a database, which provides a much more flexible PKI than with OpenSSL, such as seeking a certificate with a search engine. There is an SQL abstraction layer, the one provided is for a MySQL database. NewPKI is developed in c++, there are only a few public classes, which allows to handle any kind of application, a standalone, a PHP module, or to easily integrate NewPKI in an existing project. Here are the key features of the actual version of NewPKI: – Handling of multiple CAs in one server. – Publish a certificate request from CSR. – Publish a certificate request, by specifying the DN fields. – Certify a request, specifying the DN Policy and the certificate extension. – Revoke a certificate. – Generate the CRL. – Search for the waiting requests, or the certificates. – OCSP responder. – LDAP seek and publication.