Proteus is a framework for creating messaging applications, and a message broker built upon that framework. Proteus has adapters that allow databases, message queues, ftp servers, email and other message sources and sinks to be addressed in a simple, uniform fashion. It differs in approach from most other toolkits in supporting both centralized and point to point implementations with a minimal footprint. Features * written in 100% Java for portability (WIN32,POSIX and even OS/390 MVS) * convenient for Java developers to use and extend (no new languages or complex commands to learn) * simple and elegant model * minimal footprint and simple installation * all components configured by xml * message broker with routing and transformation capabilities * support for XSLT and custom Java transformations * adapters for JMS, databases (any JDBC compliant), native MQSeries, FTP, Tibco Rendezvous * adapters for email, flat files, WebMethods coming soon